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A little about me...


Hi Friend!! My name is Raynisia but my friends call me Ray or Nisia or Ray-Ray…pretty much any combination of my name you can think of! I’m a single, working Mama to a wild 2 year old (terrible two’s are REAL y’all) named Kurt, whom I absolutely adore, most of the time. Other times he drives me to utter insanity, but he’s really cute so it’s pretty hard to stay mad at him.  

I’m a lover of Jesus, tacos (seriously I could eat them E V E R Y D A Y), writing, motherhood, and adventures. I also love motivating and encouraging others which is one of the reasons I started this blog. For some people, sharing life experiences and the deepest parts of their hearts is the last thing they’d ever want to do, but for me it brings so much healing. There is nothing better than knowing the hardships I’ve faced are helping others. All of us have a testimony, a story to tell and I’m excited you decided to come along for the ride with me!